Journal: Stereotude Goes to Iceland

October 28, 2013 By:

2013’s Iceland Airwaves festival runs from October 30th through November 3rd. It’s a globally renowned annual event where bands like AlunaGeorge, Savages and Omar Souleyman come together to perform in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Dru, one of our staffers who helms all our video content, wanted to attend with his new wife for their honeymoon. We told him he could, but he’d have to take a lot of pictures and write haikus every day. He’s posting all of the content on Instagram with #STIceland. You can follow their journey there, or keeping checking back as we’ll be updating this post periodically. Prepare to get insanely jealous.


That's all she wrote folks / It's been cold and real Iceland / Well see you next time

Best lobster soup ever / Seabaron got it on lock / Wish Sara ate fish


Inside the machine / Kraftwerk has your soul now boy / Inside the matrix 

Yeah I had puffin / That tasty bird gamey fish / Sara is grossed out 

Gold panda has skill / That is how the MPC / Works I told my wife

We are everywhere / Don't count out Illinois son / Wet hands no more then

Mykki blanco damn / That booby tassel was enough / To keep us staying

Fell asleep during / But the dreams were good I guess / No more sitting shows

Canadians man / Boy sometimes it take two mics / But it's well worth it

Sara is taking / Guitar lessons when we home / Wow they go hard though 

FM Belfast Já / This year well blow up your house / bring the noise boys

Portal portal port / Hole port hole port hole port hole / Port hole port hole yup

John grant push and shove / This is why you dont go pee / Hold it in next time

Brennivin is great / Opal tastes like cough syrup / Not worth the krona

Cavemen from CA / Dopplegangers everywhere / Andy Dwyer sings

My mics don't work well / Guess I'll play anyway then / Bring the folk people

Honeycomb ceilings / Trip me out every time here / Don't look up for long 


Irish men came up / Banged on some drums all day long / Nice voice gentlemen

All the hype for him / Rocked it pretty well for us / Sin fang has his teeth

Only white Russians / With my special lady friend / The dude abides man

Now into Dolly's / Its now 430 so yeah / House music gon' bang

It is 3 am / Hard techno in a Leo / T-shirt for real tho

Kexp now / If you want to listen up / Kexp now

She went to pet it / Then we saw it was painted / Will pet it later

Juice bar has the goods / Only playing a Drake mix / Ooh, you my sweetheart

Brooklyn Empress Of / Finally sound is working / Bring in the bass gurl

Got them beauties woo! / Now go pack the tissues for / The Nosebleed section

Only 50 some / People got tics after us / Of 1600

We really have to / Figure out this bathroom line / ridiculousness

The line is windy / organized hipster order / Can we sneak past you


American style / Where the food sucks and people / Are rude like back home 

Yo La Tengo dog! / We have waited 29 / View from the cheap seats

Oh the line to pee / Is way longer than I thought / Should have gone before

In the cartman hat / Over here! Hey you! Yeah you! / Hit those switches please

Just leave the kid there / Tending to the buttons well / Ableton don't crash

Got engaged last year / Happy anniversary / Today is the day

I would love to see / but there is this big asshole / 8 foot banana 

A Six part subway / Harmony, rings up old folk / But with more fervor

Husband and wifey / Sing those harmonies softly / Putting me to sleep 

How did this LA / Hepcat come all the way here / For his glamour shots

The thrashing motion / Of kids is reversed by my / Shoves, come at me, bro

Got too many old / Papers lying around eh? / Make a table then 

Bluesy man got it / Down pat for all the cool kids / Up in the hostel 

Bwown Bwow Bwow Bwow bwoowwww / You take my breath away yo / Keep it up I pray

Chug chug chug squee squee / Wait for it wait for it now / CHUG CHUG CHUG CYMBALS

Do you have any /Neo punk dub hillbilly / Post blues hardcore sir?

Icelanders love it / Hardcore as you may expect / Kids killing it damn

All the faces come / When you least expect them to / Look harder they said

Dude has a Bulls patch / Lady Lovisa Lay Low/ Down dirty guitar

Just ordered a bag / Handmade from Aaron it will / Be done tomorrow

She can't stay away / Either the cats find her or / Sara hunts them down

Best noodles in town  / So says all the locals here / Yummy tummy time

Good morning from here / The mountains are inspiring / Time to get funky


Feet deep in beer sludge / Gull makes for a good lager / But terrible smell

Over for now but / We know she'll be coming back / She has souls to please

One more time for her / Now we are closer but squished / Worth the discomfort

Dudes get it heavy / "Who wants the bass?" he asked then / laid down the boom bap

Like a Justin groove / Dance party plus smooth vocals / Now he just moonwalked

They all call us this / When we walk Down the street now / Talking on healthcare

Welcome. The harpa / Has you now, no need to fear / All will be well soon

These ladies captured  / My heart, even without shoes / Boom clap clap in love

When you have to pick / You go for that orange drink son/ Jealous much Sunkist? 

It's not the old days / But 1860 brings the / True sounds of the past

Under the shadow / Of those older brothers who / Opened the door wide

Pepperoni and / Taco Not a flavor you / Expect till now but...

The mannequins still / Dudes are wilding out in glass / Little music box 

Damn that organ bumps / Heavy heavy heavy wow /No brown notes please thanks

Bedroom players win / Now the church is open while / Community sits

No room at the inn / Pays to be early I guess / Coffee time and tears

It's neck and neck yo / For who can out rock these guys / Long song? Game on son!

Oh my daim flipper / You doing all those tricks son / All curly wurly

This is Sara Korab /This is her drum stool or throne / Ask for it nicely

Fifty people full / Enough to pack the room up / Girl and her keyboard


Hot model is sad / It could have been much cheaper / But she will settle

Sometimes the band trusts / You to babysit their gear / Always the roadie

Everyone listen / If you wanna get jammed up / Then come to this place

First up on the list / Saytan, but they did not seem / That scary at all

Things are getting weird / In the bowels of the shop / Bungee Jesus? K?

Here the record shop / Have some gems also some duds / But always metal

Watch out tasty birds / I will find you and kill you / Liam Neeson style

Prepare yourself for / The thunderdome, boys and girls / Dying time is here

To get the passes / You must get to the spaceship / Enter thru the hatch

Let's play a quick game / Who can eat all the bacon / I'll prolly win this

I Like the streets here / Walkie-talking on our way / To epic breakfast


Duty free wins all / Awards for 6 A.M. Booze / No judgement here folks

We have arrived now / Way warmer than the last year / Let's stay up for hours

Wait wait wait wait wait / Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait / Sorry, do what now?

Oh it's so on now / Bout to get my free blanket / And pass out in peace

It's mandatory / Preflight manis and massage / Chairs beat you silly

Have food and ticket / Put the passport away for now / Get to da choppa

Business is kinda hard / When using a calling card / Assistant is fired 

She hasn't eaten / And It shows in her long face / Now she is punchy

Aw, damn, I had thought / We were late but jokes people / Shop is closed for now

CHI to JFK / Lemme get those bags now please / Gotta catch da plane

American runs on / Dunkin but how the natives / Do is TBD