Sean Kingston Accused of Gang Attack in New Lawsuit

March 19, 2012 By:
Sean Kingston Accused of Gang Attack in New Lawsuit

Sean Kingston, the lovable teddy bear of a man, has been served a civil summons in connection with a lawsuit to be filed that alleges that he was involved in the gang attack of a woman after one of his shows.

For starters, does Sean Kingston roll with gang members? He is best friends with Justin Bieber! Who says he’s attacking women with gangs!?

Kingston was served the papers on Friday night when he arrived at LAX on a flight from Miami. Apparently a private investigator was waiting for Kingston at the airport when he arrived to Los Angeles.

The alleged event occurred after a concert in 2010 when Kingston opened for a Justin Bieber concert.

A lot of shady stuff happens at Justin Bieber concerts apparently, remember when Bieber allegedly knocked up a chick after one of his concerts?

This lawsuit comes less than a year after Sean’s jet skiing accident in Southern Florida. However, one lawsuit he avoided was the passenger on the jet-ski

Cassandra Sanchez who many thought would sue him for reckless driving in the water craft, “I know this whole thing was just an accident. I won’t be pressing any type of charges or hiring a lawyer. Sean is a good guy,” she said.