Selena Gomez to Take a Break From Music

December 16, 2011 By:
Selena Gomez to Take a Break From Music

Well, that lasted...7 months? It feels like Selena Gomez was announcing her career as a singer only yesterday and now she's already ready to "take a break."

The 19-year-old popstar says she's going to focus on acting in the immediate future, taking a small break from making music. Actually, Selena has three albums out, and says that after the success of her recent album "When the Sun Goes Down" she thinks it time to return to acting. 

"I'm very happy and pleased with how well the record did and I'm so thankful that radio and everybody is still being so supportive. Next year I'll be starting to do more acting, I'll be doing two films in the beginning and then I'll probably go back to singing. I'll balance them," she tells

Even though Selena Gomez is dating the most high-profile 17 year old in Hollywood, she insists that the fame hasn't affected her life. "Nothing’s changed for me," insists the singer, "I mean, yeah, you get recognised occasionally, but I’m not scared of that. People assume it’s awful.”

Has no-one told her about that guy who is stalking her? Some dude named Thomas Brodnicki has asked for a restraining order against himself because he claims that God told him to stalk and kiss Selena Gomez. Uhhhh, that sh-t cray. 

So, Selena Gomez says that she gonna do some acting, and then some singing, but admits she will never try her hand at directing. 

"No!," she laughs, "I will stay in front of the camera!”

On behalf on everyone who spent $40,000 a year on film school, I want to congratulate Selena on not wanting to to become a director.