YouTube All-Stars: Jazzing Down Selena Gomez’s ‘Come & Get It’

June 18, 2013 By:

Adding a calmer, jazzy touch to radio tunes is nothing new for Redondo Beach native Jayme Dee. Actually, she’s kind of famous for it. And when you come across one of her uploads on YouTube amongst piles and piles of shoddy, recorded-while-I’m-doing-laundry pop Internet renditions (not that we’re watching all of those or anything...) it’s always a pleasant surprise.

Dee’s latest installment is a take on Selena Gomez’s hit “Come & Get It.” Rather than adding beat drops or even more mosquito synths, this remix strips the track down to its core, then plays around with a single electric guitar and heavy tempo.

We should note that Dee is no rookie. She's featured on The Hunger Games soundtrack and has an EP called Broken Record on the way from Universal Republic Records. Here’s a taste:

Keep an eye out for this girl.