Shakira In The Center Of Controversy

November 21, 2007 By:
Shakira In The Center Of Controversy

Shakira is in the center of controversy in Afghanistan ever since a TV network decided to air Shakira’s sexy concert.

The Muslim country’s government is upset that the TV network opted to show Shakira’s concert. Shakira is known to bare her body while performing on stage.

The TV Network owner, Saad Mohseni, doesn’t think it was a bad decision and is defending his actions.

He says, "The government is looking for an excuse to have a go at us. When we give air time to the Taliban we are 'talking to terrorists'; when we air people criticizing the government, we are told we are 'opposing peace and reconciliation'."

Now the Afghani President Hamid Karzi is trying to implement a censorship law that will the government "greater powers to limit broadcasts that are deemed damaging to Afghanistan and its culture".

So what does Shakira have to do with all of this?