Shakira Donates Big to Haiti

April 1, 2011 By:
Shakira Donates Big to Haiti

Could Shakira be any more perfect?The sexy songstress donated $400,000 of her own money to rebuild a school in Haiti that was severely damaged in the January 2010 quake.

Shakira and her famous hips visited about a hundred students and nuns from the school. Speaking in French she said, "I am delighted to have the opportunity to help you make your dream come true."

"I would like to tell the girls of the Elie Dubois school that you should seize the opportunity for education," she added

Can you imagine having Shakira come to your school and lecturing you on doing good in school? That's bragging rights for life. It's so amazing that she took time out of her busy schedule (and made an expensive trip to the bank) to help better these children's lives.

"In the name of the children and the government, I would like to thank the IDB and Shakira for their support to the cause of education," said Education Minister Joel Desrosiers Jean-Pierre.

One word: Amazing.