Simon Cowell Creating an American Boy Band

February 23, 2012 By:
Simon Cowell Creating an American Boy Band

Has nobody told Simon Cowell that boy bands don’t exist anymore except on Nickelodeon TV shows about musical teenagers that go to performing arts high school?

Apparently Simon didn’t get the memo as he’s trying to put together a US pop/boy band under his record label Syco.

Is the world ready for more tear-away adidas track pants, newsboy caps, and bizarre choreography that walks a fine line between slightly feminine and a cardio workout? I guess we are.

A source tells, “Simon is really excited to form a group of guys from America. He’s done such a fine job with British boys, so he’s ready to try his hand in America. He’s looking for the right people to team up with and create their sound.”

If you’re wondering, “What British boys?” Simon created the UK and Irish boy band One Direction, who were formed on the UK “The X Factor,” and have finally made their US debut with the single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” which has debuted at 28 on the Hot 100 chart.

While #28 doesn’t seem that impressive, the group’s PR says the bands debut “is the highest US chart debut for a UK act in over 14 years.”

Uhh, have they not heard of Adele? Either way, One Direction has just made a guest appearance on Nickelodeon’s ‘iCarly’ and will open for Big Time Rush on tour. Like, I said, boy bands only exist on Nickelodeon. I rest my case.