Singer Sinead O'Connor Has Been Hospitalized for Depression

January 18, 2012 By:
Singer Sinead O'Connor Has Been Hospitalized for Depression

After a rough year for Sinead O'Connor that included a desperate online plea for male attention that involved her threatening to have sex with a truck and then a shot-gun Vegas wedding, immediate divorce, and eventually reconciliation, Sinead O'Connor has taken to twitter to express her desperate state and has now revealed that she's actually been hospitalized for her depression.

O'Connor has checked in to an unknown Irish hospital, tweeting the following, “im going to hospital. Treatment for depression. Not at all well. But they will put me back together quick. So will be back…and smiling. Prolly 2 weeks ish…”

Apparently, O'Connor is very confident that she will back to health, and tweeting, in exactly two weeks time.

“I be grand in few weeks. Was right decision to call hospital. They fab. Good team. I be me again in 2 weeks they say. Don't want anyone worrying. Should only worry is a depressed person DOESN'T go hospital. All will be well. Just little time. :)”

At least she seems very optimistic about her diagnosis. Also, did she just call the medical team “fab”? Awesome.

This has been a hard few months for O'Connor. She announced she had married a man named Barry Herridge on December 8, 2012 in Las Vegas. A few days later, they had split. Then they were back together, then last week, O'Connor said it was officially over. And she officially wrote about it on twitter.

Sadly, her roller-coaster relationship caused her to spiral into depression. Shortly after the announcement of their split, she begged twitter friends if they knew of a psychiatrists in Ireland that would see her immediately.