Monday Music Maven: Sisanie

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Monday Music Maven: Sisanie
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Sisanie is the midday on-air radio personality for L.A.’s #1 Hit Music Station 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, CA. Her show immediately follows Ryan Seacrest’s morning show, Monday – Friday from 10am – 3pm. She also broadcasts a Midday show for KHTS-Channel 933, San Diego’s Hit Music Station. Her passion for electronic music is what landed her the midday slot on WXKS, Boston’s Evolution as well.  In addition, she is heard on over 60 radio stations including major markets such as in Y100/Miami.

Born in Orange County, CA the bilingual, Mexican/Peruvian beauty discovered her passion for broadcasting in high school. In September 2004, Sisanie finally got her first on-air opportunity on country station KUSS. In 2005 she also took another part time position at KHTS as an on-air talent. While working part-time for both stations, board op-ing and going to school full-time, Sisanie also worked for the Clear Channel San Diego production department where she voiced/produced many spots. She didn't stop there -- Sisanie worked as a fill-in jock for top-40 station XL 106.7 in Orlando and commuted to Los Angeles on weekends for a part-time on-air shift at sister-station 102.7 KIIS-FM as well. After years of hard work, Sisanie officially became a full-time jock and broadcasted her first midday show on 102.7 KIIS-FM on July 2, 2007.

An enthusiasm for life is what keeps Sisanie continuously motivated. She enjoys being a newlywed and spending time with her family and friends - especially her nieces and nephews. She also loves to discover new sushi restaurants around town and take long walks with her dogs. Sisanie currently lives in Los Angeles, where her biggest passion resides – entertainment.

Get to know more about Sisanie:


Take us through your day starting from when you wake up.

7:00am - Wake up, get ready, feed my dogs

8:00am – Leave my condo, hit the Starbucks drive thru, drop of my dogs at ‘doggy daycare’ and head to work in Burbank, CA.

8:30am – In the studio working on my other markets and nationally syndicated shows.

10:00am to 3:00pm - LIVE on the air at KIIS.  I don’t leave for lunch…  I eat while I’m on the air;)

3:00pm to 5:00pm – I’m usually in music meetings, scheduling music or interviewing new artists that stop by the station.

5:30pm – Pick up my dogs and if the weather is great, meet up with my BFF at Runyon for a quick hike with her and my pups.

7:30pm – Dinner with my hubby. Michael and I both like to cook, so we often cook together or we hit up our favorite sushi restaurant, Sugarfish.

Our nights are always different especially if I have an event for work like an appearance or a concert to attend (yes, that is ‘work’).  Sometimes I go out every night of the week and other weeks I’m mellow and catch up on my recorded TV shows. Just depends on the week.

Midnight – is usually when I try to get to bed but sometimes it’s even later. (trying to break that habit of going to bed late though)


What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that it’s different every day. One day Usher might be stopping by and the next day we may be hosting “Ariana Grande’s iHeartRadio Album Release Party” at our theater across the street. Our listeners are amazing and I love being able to talk to them every day on the air and through social media. Also the people I work with are some of the best radio peeps in the country and I truly LOVE my co-workers!  They make me laugh every day and we all support each other.  We’re like one big, happy, dysfunctional family with extreme personalities and there’s never a dull moment at work. 




When did you get your big break?

I kind of have two big breaks.  My first BIG break came at the end of 2006 when my Program Director at the time in San Diego asked me if I could give him a demo because KIIS-FM in LA was looking to hire a new part time DJ.  Two weeks later, during an an overnight shift, I was auditioning at LA’s #1 Hit Music Station!  My dad was so proud of me he stayed up all night to listen to my show.  I got the job and my first ‘official’ shift was at KIIS was in January, 2007.  I still lived in San Diego and was a senior at SDSU so I commuted every weekend up to LA for my Sunday night shift.  Having a show on KIIS-FM was the biggest thing that had happened in my radio career but I still didn’t have a full-time position.  So my 2nd BIG break came a few months later when I was out to lunch with my PD and MD at KIIS and they told me that the midday position at KIIS was going to open up and they wanted me to fill it!  My jaw dropped and I couldn’t believe what they just told me.  It felt like I had WON THE LOTTERY!!! Well, going from part-time minimum wage to full-time salary at age 23 pretty much felt like I had won the lottery! I have chills right now reminiscing about that feeling.  On that drive back to San Diego that afternoon, I called so many people to share the news that my phones battery died.  I was about to graduate college in a month and then I would be moving to Los Angeles. My life was about to change forever! My first ‘midday’ shift for 102.7 KIIS-FM was July 2, 2007.  I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. 


What is your high school make-out song?

John Legend - “All of Me”


Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

I would LOVE to see myself still working for KIIS-FM and it would be cool to be doing some voice over work for major TV network shows too.  I would also like to have a baby by then. 


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