5 Things to Know About Grammy Nominee Skrillex

January 16, 2012 By:
5 Things to Know About Grammy Nominee Skrillex

When the Grammy nominees were announced, many people were wondering who Best New Artist nominee Skrillex is? Is it a band? Is it a UK rapper that we don’t know about? Oh, he’s a dubstep artist?! And then thesecond question is, what is dubstep?

Skrillex, is the new wonderkid of electronic dance music and he’s nominated for 5 Grammys Awards this year. That’s two fewer than Kanye West, that’s the same amount of nominations as Lil Wayne and that’s two more than other favorite electronic artist, Deadmau5.

Skrillex is the Justin Bieber of electronica. Skrilex is 24-year-old Sonny Moore and here’s 5 things to know about Skrillex

1. He once opened for Fall Out Boy: Before he was cranking out dance tracks, he was the lead singer of emo band “First to Last.” This was 2004 and yes, this is the same band that was playing when your highschool boyfriend broke up with you at the prom.

2. He has 5 Grammy nominations: He has been nominated in 5 categories this year, including Best New Artist, Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronica album, Best Remixed record, and Best short form music video.

3. He’s popular on facebook: He may not have as many “likes” as Rihanna, but two of his songs may the top 10 most played songs on facebook in 2011.

4. Kanye West loves him: Fellow Grammy nominee Kanye West tweeted about Skrillex a few weeks calling his remix of Benny Benassi’s “Cinema” “one of the greatest works of art ever made.” This is the same song he’s also nominated for a Grammy.

5. He’s already an Artist of The Year: In December he was named MTV’s Electronic Dance Music Artist of the year, beating out David Guetta and deadmau5. It’s only a matter of time before he produces Nicki Minaj’s next album.