Artist of the Week: Skye Stevens

February 24, 2012 By:
Artist of the Week: Skye Stevens

It’s about time the world got a new Justin Bieber. Skye Stevens has the catchy dance hooks, and smooth moves like everyone’s favorite boy-toy Justin Bieber, but new artist Skye Stevens actually has some edge.

18-year-old Skye is set to become the first-ever Armenian pop star, just in time because everyone’s super over the Kardashians anyways.

Skye just released his first single and music video “Takes All Night,” a very catchy club-ready track about a boy just trying to make a girl fall for him. Now, this ain’t sugary sweet Jonas Brothers stuff, Skye Stevens has got the vocal chops of Usher, the radio feel of Bieber, and the good looks of Zac Efron.

The song has only been online for a few weeks and has already gained 700,000 views.

The video for the video has Skye showing off his incredible dance skills, and unlike other pop artists who bob their head and try to disguise that they actually cannot dance, Skye is tearing up the dance floor. He travels through LA, biking, and dancing and finally tracking down his dream girl, where he proposes that he’ll make her his, even if it “Takes All Night.”

I listened to this song once, and I’m already hooked. This kid is blowing up, and you better jump on the bandwagon quick so you can say, “I liked him before he was famous.”