Skylar Grey's New Single "C'mon Let Me Ride" Premieres Sassy Lyric Video

November 29, 2012 By:

Skylar Grey, songwriter behind the hook to Eminem and Rihanna’s dark pop single “Love The Way You Lie,” is finally releasing her own album.

Her forthcoming debut disc Don’t Look Down boasts not just an executive producing credit from Em, but he’s also lending a verse to her lead single “C’mon Let Me Ride” and it’s a total 180-degree from the moody, cloudy sound we’re accustomed to from Skylar.

Here on “Ride” she’s taking a stab at the music industry’s sex-obsessed culture—a very tongue-in-cheek (haha) lick that’s superficially surface on purpose. Kind of like what Jewel attempted with “Intuition,” except here Skylar is way more successful.

The beat has a ‘90s lean to it, catchy, upbeat, but with a subversive attitude; just let yourself get hit over the head by all the sexually euphemistic visuals. Check it out above.