YouTube All-Stars: Kids Interview Slayer

December 4, 2013 By:
We've been following Olivia and Connie of the Youtube sensation Kids Interview Bands for some time now. But their latest interview with Slayer frontman Tom Araya was just too great not to share. And we'd be surprised if the conversation didn't send both of the girls into therapy.

Araya was actually very sweet to the youngsters, but he was also a little too honest with his answers giving them a real look at life. Not to mention that since he has significant hearing loss he doesn't quite catch all the questions and just answers according to what he thinks the girls said (of course, they are too terrified to correct him). 
Check out the video below and be sure to follow Olivia and Connie's adventures on YouTube. And, if you need a babysitter, give Araya a call.