Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars team up for "Young, Wild & Free"

October 12, 2011 By:
Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Bruno Mars team up for

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa team up for the song "Young, Wild & Free" with a hook courtesy of Bruno Mars.

This laid back stoner song is about, what else, smoking and drinking. The chorus boasts, "So what we get drunk/ So what we smoke weed/ We just having fun/ We don’t care who sees/ So what we go out/ That's how its supposed to be/ Living young and wild and free."

This song is kind of a staple for Snoop Dogg, this is one of those "ode to weed" songs. Snoop kind of holds the monopoly on being stoned and then singing songs about being stoned.

The song will be featured on the soundtrack for the duo's upcoming comedy, "Mac and Devin Go to High School." No other details are known yet, but Snoop and Khalifa are apparently making a stoner comedy together.

The film will supposedly release early next year. This is news to me too. Did they actually write a script? Are they acting in it? You can’t just get high and come up with the title for movie and say, "we're working on a film" that's not how things work!

Actually Snoop told Billboard that in the film he will play the popular kid in high school while Khalifa plays the nerd. "It's a great buddy film." says Khalifa.

Snoop and Khalifa met up when they worked on the "Black and Yellow" remix together.

"We decided to go ahead and say, 'Let's just do a movie and a soundtrack and just become bosom buddies and do what we do.' We love what we do and we love each other," says Snoop.

This is what I like to describe as drug-induced bromance.

The dudes also worked together on the song, "This Weed is Mine" which brings to mind the old Monica and Brandy song, "The Boy Is Mine," except replace "boy" with "weed." Snoop goes on to describe his relationship with Khalifa, "We became close friends and spent time together,,,[we] made six or seven songs and created...a bond - to build a friendship and build a brotherhood."

The duo says they've been working on a ton of song for the album, "We've got ten songs already and we're using all ten of them," Khalifa tells Billboard, "We're just doing things that people aren't doing these days."

Too bad it's October, this song is such a "summer" song. Snoop and Khalifa trade verses reminiscing about their high school days, "It's like I'm 17 again/Peach fuzz on my face" and also, "You a class clown and if I skip for the day I'm with your b-tch smokin' grade A."