Snoop Thinks LeAnn Rimes Is WOW!

April 15, 2008 By:
Snoop Thinks LeAnn Rimes Is WOW!

Snoop Dogg was doing an interview with People Magazine at the 2008 CMT Awards yesterday when he decided to stop and admire a beauty that was posing for pictures nearby.

He stopped the interview and asked, "Wow – damn! Who is that?"

After they told her that it was LeAnn Rimes, Snoop gushed, "She is beautiful! Wow, wow, wow."

He didn't end there! He then went to her and asked, "Can I meet you?" to which she responded "Nice to meet you, sir."

Snoop is hilarious! Maybe he should do a duet with LeAnn since he's currently working on a country song. Actually nevermind, wifey won't approve!