The Lo-Fi Love of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

November 5, 2013 By:

"To me, I've always wanted to hear a band that has a really clean sound in the studio ... I love the idea of wondering what would these bands sound like if they didn't sound so commercial, if they sounded like real people," says Philip Dickey of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin.

When SSLYBY released their first album Broom in 2005, they recorded it entirely in guitarist Will Knauer's attic. They embraced the lo-fi sensibilities of the project, adding a more tender and personal edge to their dense, folky tracks. When the band approached recording a new album recently, they decided to return to the same attic space, both out of convenience and a desire to come full circle and rediscover the pain and ecstasy of recording in such an intimate setting. 

"Honestly, I think it freaked us out at first because I hadn't been up there in years," said Dickey. Returning to the attic also meant a return to lo-fi recording techniques. Since first recording in the attic when the band was formed, they have toured the world, released four albums and a B-sides compilation, and garnered a loyal and engaged following. They have also seen the departure of a band member, John Robert Cardwell. By returning to the attic and deciding to record again, SSLYBY embraced all the good and bad that they have experienced and move forward. "You have to face it," Dickey says. "You have to face yourself."

With their new release Fly by Wire, SSLYBY constructed a confident and casual album comprised of intimate subjects, clever tongue-in-cheek lyrics and ambitious pop moments.

In the realm of lo-fi recordings, SSLYBY have several major influences including Fleetwood Mac and the '70s Japanese band Happy End. Like their predecessors, Dickey and company sought to capture the human aspects that define great recordings and breathe new life into big pop hooks.

"We would listen to the way [Happy End] would record the drums," Dickey said. "They recorded in their bedroom with a Radio Shack microphone and something about it sounds sort of perfect."

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin will be performing in LA at Origami Vinyl on Nov. 14. For more dates and more info, visit their official website.