Soulja Boy Gets Animated

January 7, 2009 By:
Soulja Boy Gets Animated

Soulja Boy has just gone cartoon! He just launched the first episode of Soulja Boy Tell Em The Animated Series, which follows the life of a newly famous star, before he’s forced to go back to high school. The character is obviously based on himself, and the series features a mix between live action and animation.

The show is about Soulja Boy trying everything he can to stay out of school, even if angers the Principal. Even Soulja Boy’s label Interscope is on board for this new project.

Marketing director Brian Washington says, He says, "Soulja Boy is one of the most charismatic artists of his generation. His ability to speak to his fans and, just as importantly, the way in which he does so, makes him such an innovator in how music and entertainment is consumed and discovered today."

The first video has yet to hit the web, but you can catch a behind-the-scenes look right here. It’s actually really cool how the animators worked directly with live-action shooting. Check it out!