Soulja Boy is Getting Evicted

December 2, 2011 By:
Soulja Boy is Getting Evicted

After a year of legal problems and bad pr moves, Soulja Boy has apparently been served with an eviction notice on his Atlanta home. Rappers throw dollar bills at stripper poles for fun, so you know that the economy is really bad when a rapper can't even afford his home.

The rapper hasn't paid the $4,725 November rent on his Atlanta place and has been served with eviction papers. Is $4,725 really that much for a rapper like Soulja Boy? He probably has that much in cash in one of his pockets. Soulja has until December 5 to pay for November and December rent or he's getting kicked to the curb.

Soulja, whose real name is DeAndre Way has been getting in a lot of trouble this year. Let's recap all the strange and illegal-ish things he's done this year.

In July he lied about buying a $55 million G5 jet. Maybe he really does have no money? Lying about having money is the first step to not having money anymore. He told everyone he bought himself the ridiculous jet for his 21st birthday, claiming he was "G5 status" and telling TMZ "Hell yeah...I bought it."

Anyways, his spokesperson Greg Miller releases a statement at the time that said that the "elaborate rumors" are "not true."

Then in September, Soulja released the song "Let's Be Real" where his lyrics pissed off the entire US military. His lyrics, "F-ck the FBI and the army troops...fighting for what?"

The US Military then placed an official ban on the rapper's music, he had to release a lengthy apology and he even offered free performances to the soldiers, apparently he didn't get the memo that soldiers are banned from listening to his music.

Then, oh there's more, in October Soulja was arrested for driving around Georgia with a briefcase full of weed and a handgun. A briefcase? What is this, Pulp Fiction? Apparently Soulja had a "substantial amount" of marijuana and apparently when officers searched the car they also found roughly $70,000 in cash.

Here's a tip, use that cash money and pay the rent of your apartment. Hey, look how this story came full circle.

However, Soulja's last album "The Deandre Way" sold very poorly, so maybe he is having financial troubles. He spent all his money on weed and then on posting bail. According to Soulja, his album sales were really low.

"The label only shipped like 18,000 copies [of the album]. So I wasn't able to do gold first week or ever 100k, none of that. They only put like 8,000 units in Best Buy. It was crazy."