Spice Girls Rehearse for Olympics Closing Ceremony

August 10, 2012 By:

Mel B has released a bunch of shots of her and the Spice Girls practicing for their upcoming Olympic closing ceremony performance.

There’s a pretty big crowd checking them out. The girls are performing on top of what look like a bunch of (heavily padded) classic British taxis. In one shot, a group of men in suits—back up dancers? Security? MI6?—look like they’re either climbing up behind the girls or holding their platforms in place.

The quintet’s footwear seems a little teetering for dance routines—Scary has knee high 5-inch heel Louboutins, Sporty is wearing the Isabel Marant hidden-heel sneaks and Baby and Posh are both wearing massively high stilettos. Ginger, strangely enough, is the only one not in giant heels.

There’s no word on what songs the Spice Girls will be performing, or if they’ll be covers, classics or some of their new stuff. Other closing ceremony performers include Pink Floyd, Ed Sheeran and Muse.

It’s good to see the girls back and looking friendly with each other in the shots—we can’t wait to see what they’re going to wear for the real show (please, please don’t let this actually be a dress rehearsal, as the New York Daily News reported).