Geri Halliwell Creating New Spice Girls

August 9, 2010 By:
Geri Halliwell Creating New Spice Girls

Are the Spice Girls coming back??? Well, not exactly. But former member Geri Halliwell is reportedly creating a new group modeled after the infamous girl group.

According to News of the World, Halliwell is recruiting five wannabe pop stars to form a similar girl band.

A source says, “This is very exciting for her. She’s been painstakingly putting together the new band. She wants to combine the energy and drive of the Spice Girls. She’s been keeping it quiet because she doesn’t want to jinx anything but she has told the other girls and they are very supportive.”

“Geri has already introduced the band to some key music executives and quite a few of the labels have already taken a keen interest. She believes the time is right for another girl band to take over the world. When Geri puts her mind to something it’s hard to stop her. She could be a very successful manager.”

We’re so excited about this news! The Spice Girls were so great in their hay day, and there really hasn’t been a girl group since then, with the exception of the Pussy Cat Dolls.