Spice Girls to Reunite at London Olympics?

January 10, 2012 By:

Is it really time to "Spice Up Your Life" again? While the Spice Girls made their official reunion in 2007 with their worldwide reunion tour, the artists formerly known as Baby, Sporty, Scary, Posh and Ginger may be performing together again at the London Olympics this year. Bust out your union-jack minidress, your passport, and your gay best friend and get thee to the summer olympics!

The girls are currently back together to work on adapting their music for a West End musical, so they've been chatting and talk of a Olympic reunion continues to come up.

Mel B told Star Magazine, "I would never say never. I think it's possible. I'd love if it we got back together and go to go on tour." Is it weird that she quotes Justin Bieber when she says, "never say never." He's copyrighted that phrase, right?

Mel B teases some more, "We're doing a musical about the Spice Girls right now, so we're in contact quite a bit. But I can't really tell you much about it."

However, last year Geri Halliwell told the Daily Mirror, "Singing at the games is a great idea and would be an amazing opportunity - and it's a sign the Brits are back. This is our time. Everythnig is circular and now there's a British pop revival."

True. There is a British pop revival. Adele, Florence + The Machine, Coldplay and Mumford and Sons are hugely popular musical acts from the UK - Everyone loves the Brits! The time is now for the Spice Girls, and even if they fail, it will still be better than when New Kids On The Block had a reunion.