Spice Girls Wouldn't Forgive Ginger Spice

November 28, 2007 By:
Spice Girls Wouldn't Forgive Ginger Spice

If you were a huge 'Spice Girls' fan like I was you clearly remember the day Geri Halliwell aka: Ginger Spice quit the group. Ginger left the girls in the middle of their 'Spiceworld Tour' in 1998 to pursue a solo career that never went anywhere.

Although the group has reconciled, her bandmates still haven't forgiven her for abandoning them.

Mel B said: "It was horrid when Geri left, horrid."

Victoria Beckham added: When Geri left, it was really difficult for all of us. But we had the American leg of the tour to fulfill, and nothing was going to stop us from doing that. But we were devastated. The Spice Girls is about five girls."

Halliwell has already apologized though, she said: "I'm sorry. I'm making amends this time. I made sure we got America in the tour schedule." The Spice Girls' reunion tour begins on December 2 in Vancouver.

If anyone has any extra tickets that you want to share please email us, we're dying to go to the show!