ST Video of the Week: Ciara Gives It to Us in "Got Me Good"

October 26, 2012 By:

Ciara celebrated her birthday yesterday the only way pop and R&B stars know how: releasing a new music video.

The now 27-year-old (happy belated, boo!) premiered “Got Me Good,” her second single from her upcoming albu, and true to its title, Ciara dances up front and center like the One Woman Army she is.

When Ciara sings, “Nobody can make me feel like dancing all night” she’s not playing. If you cross her mind, she’ll stop a road trip in the middle of anywhere, even a desolate desert, because it doesn’t matter. CiCi needs to dance it out.

The song itself doesn’t really sound like a #1 hit—it’s fun and all, though a little too predictable—however, Ciara makes up for it by delivering those fast-paced and completely on-step dance moves this side of Janet Jackson.

Her and her neck is all wrapped up in a white Britney Spears turtleneck from “Sometimes” with a shredded white glove circa In the Zone and — GREAT, now this just has us imagining CiCi and BritBrit drawing a line in the music video sand and dancing to the death in a Hunger Games desert that’ll never happen!

Anyway, memorize the moves here, then whip them out on the dance floor at the 12 Halloween parties you need to hit up this weekend.