Stereotude Artist of the Week: Stefano

September 28, 2012 By:
Stereotude Artist of the Week: Stefano

This summer, Stefano released his first single “I’m on a Roll” featuring Rock Mafia and New Boyz. In the fun feel-good video, Stefano pulls a Ferris Bueller after he’s mistaken for a valet attendant, borrowing the red convertible to live it up in L.A.

If Stefano is looking mighty familiar to you, it’s not just because of those Italian boy next-door looks. The 23-year-old singer was first introduced to us as a contestant on the tenth season of “American Idol” a couple years ago. Since then he’s been working on his own music in the form of a debut album and has been, well, on a roll.

Here’s some of our exclusive Stereotude Q&A with Stefano on fashion, wardrobe malfunctions, and his ideal girlfriend.

Who is your dream collaboration?

Performance-wise, Stevie Wonder. Writing-wise, people from Adele and Bruno Mars to Andrea Bocelli. That’s a dream right there, for sure.

What is your recording process like?

Very, very focused. We make to record and execute at a very high level so everything we do is precise and on point.

If you could give yourself a stage name like “Slash,” what would it be?

Apparently, the stage name Stefano ‘cause my full name is Stefano Langone, but I started going around and people just kind of embraced the whole Stefano thing. So, I mean, my ideal one? I don’t really have one, you know. I mean, ‘Fano is my nickname for short. Kind of like Bono, but, no.

Have you ever had a stage mishap?

All the time. I was actually on tour last summer and my shirt ripped. My whole back of my shirt just ripped. But it was pretty funny. We also had a situation where literally somebody’s pants ripped and fell off so we had to deal with that.

So, lets get a little personal…are you single?

I am single.

What is your type of girl?

My type of girl right now is someone who just wants to have fun, somebody who is very spontaneous and can be okay with something if it just changes suddenly, and one to just have fun, enjoy life, and travel.

Watch the video for his debut single “I’m on a Roll” here: