Stereotude Playlist: 10 Girliest One-Hit Wonders

November 1, 2012 By:
Stereotude Playlist: 10 Girliest One-Hit Wonders

You can’t escape them… They’re everywhere… Infiltrating our Top 40 radio stations, jingly commercials for fast food, and trusty iPods…
One-hit wonders!

We’ve already said “sayonara” to summer—prime time weather for a song that charts supreme on Billboard, only to fade out of view like the season itself—but all this L.A. fog has us feeling super nostal-UGH. We wanted to say “what up?” once again to some of our favorite wondrous females. You know, before they go the way of CDs and cassette tapes and no one ever hears from them again.

Apologize in advance if you can’t get these out of your head while you try to get super serious stuff down in your cubicle at work.

“Call Me Maybe”

It’s a bit premature but we’re just going to call this one out maybe. Carly Rae’s 2k12 anthem has Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now” (“Alone” as in “This Will Be My Only Relevant Song”) stature written all over it and is also the inspiration behind this entire list. Have a feeling “Call Me Maybe” might be something she stops singing and starts saying to her record label in about seven years… :(


We’ll start the countdown by counting. That one Apple iPod commercial made “1234” an unexpected success for the non-Coachella set—a rare feat where someone who doesn’t do it for the fame and money (as I imagine is Feist’s outlook) becomes remotely mainstream for a few minutes. With equal parts to the music video that also looked like an ad for American Apparel, Feist was a surprising girl of summer. Also it’s basically like a curse it seems to be featured in an Apple iPod commercial as far as having more than one Top 10 song goes. Remember Jet?


“I hate the world today,” Meredith Brooks sang, but we were all loving this anti-summer anthem. “Bitch” was 1997’s catchy f*** you to being outside, politely interacting with people, being happy in general, and everything else associated with the season—which is what ironically enough made it the song of the summer.


And then there was a pop song that felt entirely like and all about summer. Pop group The Cardigans released this put-the-top-down-on-your-pink-convertible jam exactly 16 years ago to the day and still sounds as fresh as ever.

“Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)”

SASSY. Watching and listening to this Blue Cantrell song now, her whole swagger of the song feels like a blueprint to “Basketball Wives” or an unwritten episode of VH1’s “Single Ladies.” Blu Cantrell didn’t hit ‘em up on the radio ever after this, but that was because she was just too ahead of her time!

“How Do I Feel”

Otherwise known as “The Burrito Song.” Like stepping on a stick of gum, daughter of singer Don Ho had us all inable to get away from this piece of bubble pop with an intro verse that name drops El Dorado.

“Oops! Oh My”

What the hell happened to Tweet? The R&B singer-songwriter may never make a comeback in 2012 now that Twitter has forever and ever eclipsed her stage name, but before the strictly digital age Tweet meant this song with a dirty beat.

“Take It Off”

The Donnas found minor success with “Take It Off” back in 2002 and represented those all-female rock band girl members you didn’t think you yourself were cool enough to approach in high school. Listening to this song now feels something like the ideal ten-year high school reunion: Catching up with people you liked as a teenager, but never really talked to, yet still feeling happy for them that they aged well.

“Kiss Me”

Thanks to Sixpence None The Richer, “Kiss Me” became the theme calligraphized in white letter at the bottom of nearly every single prom portrait across America circa She’s All That.
Sigh, the iNnOcEnCe oF tHe *~1990s~*~*~…


Was there a high school talent show in the ‘90s that DIDN’T feature the artsy girl from geometry on stage singing this song? While the song was great, unfortunately, original model of hipster glasses and whom Zooey Deschanel owes her entire career Lisa Loeb herself couldn’t stick around the music scene and, well, stay.