Stereotude Playlist: 8 Songs to Get Freaky to This Halloween

October 26, 2012 By:
Stereotude Playlist: 8 Songs to Get Freaky to This Halloween

Our playlist this week is all about getting fReAkY oN dA fLoOr. Dark, sexy, and thrilling songs that aren’t as obvious as “Thriller” that’ll get costumes grindin’ and turn everyone into Janet Leigh Psychos on the dance floor. Put it on at your next Halloween party, but only if you want your Halloween party to be awesome.

1. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On: Literal, but you need to let your friends (and neighbors) know what kind of party this is and no better way than Missy, right?

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Date With The Night: To appease your indie music friends because no one is allowed to apathetically part their hair 3,000 times in the corner of your parties ever!

3. Britney Spears – Break the Ice: Britney’s best-album-stop-arguing-with-me-on-this-before-I-cut-you is Blackout and it turns five years old this week. All tricks and treats, this Brit Brit selection will turn the heat up and have you melting in your Jolly Ranchers.

4. Usher – Scream: Already named after a Wes Craven go-to movie, this one is sort of a no brainer when it comes to slashing up the dance floor.

5. Madonna – Justify My Love: S&M isn’t the dirty word it once was when Madonna dropped this leather bomb twenty years ago this year.
Rihanna chanted it in a chart topper, Katie Couric dressed up in a leather dress once for her talk show (scary), and moms everyone hold Fifty Shades of Grey sewing circles with no worries of maintaining anonymity. But Madonna was the O.G. who whipped us all into this pop cultural prostate position and only now we’re submitting.

6. Rihanna – Rehab: Every playlist needs a “slow dance” song and in the context of Halloween this RiRi jam is it. I can just see two people (preferably exes in real life) dressed as Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy at your costume party drawing closer on the dance floor right as RiRi wails “It’s like I checked into rehab / baby you’re my disease,” and it’s okay because we’re all allowed to indulge in a nightmare on Halloween for the duration of a five minute pop song only.

7. Rockwell ­– Somebody’s Watching Me: This is the perfect track for those of us being anti-social and not going out at all this Halloween weekend or holiday. You dressed up in your PJs and eating Ben & Jerry’s with your Netflix Queue is the scariest costume of all as this ‘80s tune centered on the classic trope of paranoia proves.

8. Rita Ora & Tinie Tempah – R.I.P. (Dubstep Kings Remix): It’s all in the title. “R.I.P.” Over. Done. Dead. There’s something slow and dangerous about this track that makes it the perfect kiss-and-bye exit Halloween party music. Dark, but thrilling. Like you don’t want to take that costume off, but you have to because LIFE IS UNFAIR.