Stereotude Q&A with American Idol Alum Haley Reinhart

May 16, 2012 By:

Currently we’re all very caught up in the current American Idol drama. Is J.Lo leaving the show? Is Jessica Sanchez poised to become the front-runner? And does Phillip Phillips really have a girlfriend?

The drama is fun, but let’s not forget about the stars that came out of American Idol last year!

Haley Reinhart landed as third runner up on last season of “American Idol” and will drop her debut album “Listen Up” on May 22nd.

Stereotude got an in-depth Q&A with the songstress to talk everything from her album, her budding acting career, and her current American Idol faves!

Stereotude: Tell us about the inspiration for your album “Listen Up.”

Haley Reinhart: I grew up with a lot of great classics. Everything from the blues to Motown to classic rock to funk. I knew I had to put elements of each in my album and make them my own. I didn’t have to think too hard about it, it just came out that way.

ST: Describe the feel of the album

HR: It’s feel good music in general. I wanted everybody to be able to groove to most of the songs. There are a lot of different moods, but every song is relatable and can stand on its own.

ST: “Free” is a breakup song, have you personally had that kind of relationship?

HR: Yeah I have definitely had that kind of relationship. Especially in this case, knowing that I still love the person but realizing that we would both be better off if we went our separate ways.

ST: You had a cameo on 90210, any plans to put music to the side and pursue acting?

HR:I think I would love to get more into acting. When the timing is right and the right thing presents itself, I will definitely pursue it.

ST: Was there really a ghost in the “American Idol” house when you were there?!?

HR: Who really knows, I believe in the supernatural and there were some freaky things going on in the house (doors flying open, etc).

ST: Describe the first time you saw yourself on American Idol?

HR: I had one eye open and was very anxious and excited. It was surreal being with my family watching my first audition.

ST: Who is your dream collaboration?

HR: Paul McCartney

ST: What was it like returning to the set of Idol a few weeks ago?

HR: It was great going back and seeing my old Idol family root for me and my solo career. It was cool bringing it full circle and doing original material on the show that made me a household name.

ST: How did Idol change your life?

HR: Everything from living out in LA on my own to creating my own album and sound, and making all my visions and dreams come true.

ST: Is there another idol alum from a former season you would like to collaborate with?

HR: Adam Lambert.

ST: Is there a summer tour you would like to make a special appearance on?

HR: I am making an appearance at Lollapalooza in my hometown of Chicago alongside legends like Black Sabbath and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I couldn’t be more excited.