Win $1,200 Worth of Swag

December 20, 2013 By:

Do you like awesome things? Do you like free things? Do you like awesome, free things? We already know the answer. You're in the right place.

Stereotude's your hookup for a whole boatload of rad swag with a $1200 value via LPB Group's Official AMA Gift Bag.

It includes:

A Randy Jackson collection guitar (Yo, that solo was sick, dawg)
Flips Audio HD headphones (Can't hear you, not sorry, rocking out too hard)
A pair of Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses (Very classy)
G Technology G-Drive (gigs and gigs and gigs of glory)
göt2b Beach Trippin' Salt-Infusion Waving Spray (oh you lookin' goooood)
UrgentRx Fast Powders (have you been working out?)
Food Should Taste Good Chips (mmm)
LÄRABAR (healthy)
Kaz Humidifier (never sweat again!)

All you gotta do is enter on Stereotude's Facebook page:

The competition ends on January 5th, 2014 and is only available to US residents! Good luck!