Suge Knights Gets Another Lawsuit

November 17, 2008 By:
Suge Knights Gets Another Lawsuit

Suge Knight was officially charged for a violent incident that took place back in August. When he was in Vegas over the summer, he allegedly beat his girlfriend of three years, Melissa Isaac, and is now facing the consequences.

The Clark County Justice Court slapped Suge with two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance (meth and hydrocodone) and one count of misdemeanor battery.

Melissa alleges that Suge punched her in the back of the head while they were in the car together. She grabbed the wheel, steered the car off the road and attempted to get away from the volatile situation.

Police arrived at the scene and quickly arrested him. Sadly,officers told TMZ that they actually saw Suge kick Melissa in the head. If this is true, we hope she's smart enough to stay away from him - for good.