Is Susan Boyle A Diva?

June 15, 2009 By:
Is Susan Boyle A Diva?

Susan Boyle just began performing with the Britain’s Got Talent tour two days ago, and she’s already pulling out of shows! Her doctors reportedly yanked her from her from the Manchester show last night because of exhaustion. How could she be that tired after just 2 days?!

Apparently Susan had performed 3 times over a span of two days, and that was more than her vocal chords could handle. Her doctors ordered her to rest, much to the dismay of her fans who were really looking forward to seeing her perform.

There’s speculation that Susan is pulling out because she knows what she’ll be worth once the Britain’s Got Talent tour is over, and she’s on her own. The Daily Mail reports that Susan is already booked for corporate gigs, and will be charging hundreds of thousands for appearances. She’s also reportedly about to sign a recording contract with Simon Cowell.

A source tells the publication, “These fees mean it will take 10 dates for her to make a million pounds, which is unprecedented for a reality show winner.”

We hope she really is just tired, and isn’t turning into a little diva on us! She should revel in this spotlight while she can, because it won’t last forever!