Susan Boyle to Receive Her First Paycheck

March 22, 2010 By:
Susan Boyle to Receive Her First Paycheck

We all just figured Susan Boyle has been rolling in the dough ever since she rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent. But we were wrong! This whole time, Boyle has been living off of an allowance from Simon Cowell, and awaiting her first big payday!

According to the Daily Mirror, Susan will receive an $8 million paycheck on April 1st, her 49th birthday, which is a royalty check for her debut album I Dreamed a Dream.

Sources close to the singer say she still can’t get over how much her life has changed in one year. “Every day Susan wakes up having to pinch herself,” said a friend. “She cannot believe how the public has taken her to their hearts everywhere.

And she’s undoubtedly very excited to finally have real money of her own. The insider added, “She has not wanted for anything since finding fame and now she will reap the benefit of her hard work. It’s her first taste of what serious money is like and it’s all hers.”

So what will the first chunk of change go towards? Sources say Boyle is planning on purchasing a luxury mansion with tight security near her home town of Blackburn, West Lothian. She definitely deserves it!