Susan Boyle to Sing for the Pope

June 10, 2010 By:
Susan Boyle to Sing for the Pope

After suffering from a couple of breakdowns, Susan Boyle is gearing up for the opportunity of a lifetime--she's going to sing for the Pope!

Susan is expected perform for Pope Benedict XVI, who is making his first visit to Britain in September, as part of a public mass in Glasgow, Scotland.

A spokesman for the Catholic Church in the country said: "Negotiations are still under way but we expect Susan Boyle to perform as part of the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park."

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And Susan obviously couldn't be more thrilled! She said: "The Pope is a very special person and singing for him within the mass, it's not just for him, it's for everybody."

A statement from Scotland’s Catholic bishops said: “The Catholic Church welcomes the confirmation by Glasgow City Council that Bellahouston Park will be available and suitable for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

“The park provides a wonderful venue for what will be a tremendous event. It is a place that has a great resonance for Scottish Catholics, many of whom remember the wonderful day in 1982 when Pope John Paul II said mass there.”

Around 100,000 worshippers are expected to attend the service. Congrats Susan! Try to stay away from the airports for a bit.