On a Music Bender: A SXSW Photo Diary

March 17, 2014 By:
On a Music Bender: A SXSW Photo Diary

We sent Stereotude's roving photographer Kelly Teacher to Austin to capture as much of the SXSW revelry as possible. She came back with a first-hand look on what SXSW is actually like. Check out her photo diary, titled On a Music Bender.

SXSW is a festive, if not chaotic, blend of music industry executives and wannabe executives, unknown bands (amazing and not-so-much alike), local music lovers, and foreign party-goers -- and everything fried and alcoholic in between. 

My mornings began in my tent, my home away from home, consuming a breakfast taco loaded with guacamole, and a Bloody Mary or two with extra horseradish and olives.

I’d meet up with friends or venture by my lonesome to see an early afternoon showcase:

The Griswolds

Royal Blood

One of many amazing food trucks, this one served me a bomb fried tomato and honey mustard sandwich.

Stomach stretched to the shape of a fried pickle, I’d return to my tent for a power nap, always exploring new streets on my walk home. 

After waking, I’d trek to more concerts, each broken up by a sunset. People grew more inebriated and aggressive as the night wore on.


Leah Mason and Hozier were two acts I’d never heard of before SXSW. Thanks to the Communion showcases, I will definitely be listening to them for a long while.

Leah Mason

Late night after the bars closed, I’d arrive at the home I was crashing to hang out with friends old and new. One by one they’d leave or fall asleep on the floor, and I’d slip out to my tent to rest for a few hours, only to start again the next morning. 

All photos by Kelly Teacher. Check our her website for more awesome photos.