T-Pain "Drowning Again" Music Video

October 20, 2011 By:

Stop whatever you are doing! T-pain is singing. I know he's always supposed to have been a "singer" but now he's actually singing. Like, not auto-tuned assisted, but actually singing. There is only a vague hint of autotune this time, the vaguest hint. He plays a piano in a darkly lit room and is backed by an orchestra. Sh-t is getting real.

T-pain just released the video for his next single "Drowning Again" off his upcoming album "rEVOLVEr" to be released on December 6. This is the latest single off his fourth studio album and his second video in less than a month.

After releasing his booty call anthem music video with Wiz Khalifa, "5 O'Clock" a couple weeks ago, this new song is very unexpected. Besides the fact that the video is dark and moody, the lyrics also expose a sentimental version of T-Pain we've never seen before.

"Waves upon waves keep me down/ And I can't get to the top/ But when I get there, I'll still be nowhere 'cause I cant find the one I love/ when I get to the top we should talk about how you left me/ Drowning again/ Drowning again" he croons.

Wave metaphors? Oh man, he's fallen off the deep end.

However, T-Pain warned audiences that his new album is very eclectic. "Revolver is drawn from seven albums' worth of material," says T-Pain, "There are so many different things on this album. I couldn't settle on what I wanted to include, but the final result I think will really hit all of my fans and different audiences."

"There is music for everyone on this album, but definitely still classic T-Pain at the same time," he explains.

That's a relief. This new "Drowning Again" song is cool, but I'm not ready to hear T-Pain's real voice. This is something us listeners have to ease into.

Also remember when he collaborated with Taylor Swift on that Thug Story rap song? So expect him to be branching out, "I've developed a new audience from the Taylor Swift stuff, the Bud Light and Toshiba commercials, the T-Pain Mic and App."

T-Pain is currently on tour with Chris Brown on his FAME tour which will end in November, just ahead of his album release. It's been several years since his last album, "Thr33 Ringz" which debuted in 2008. However, this new album should show his "evolution" as an artist. Notice the visual pun in his rEVOLVEr title? Yeahhhh. T-Pain's new album is supposed to "demonstrate the evolution of T-Pain as an artist."