T-Pain Sued for Canceled Gig

March 24, 2009 By:
T-Pain Sued for Canceled Gig

In a bid to avoid death and kidnapping threats, T-Pain was left with no choice but to cancel his performance at the carnival celebrations in South American. But his cancellation has led to a nasty lawsuit.

T-Pain says he cancelled the show after finding himself targeted by an unidentified attacker, who was threatening him in emails and telephone calls.

But now his company Nappy Boy Touring and promotions firm Chase Entertainment have been slapped with a breach of contract lawsuit by executives at Hits and James Entertainment.

Hits and James claims there were never any threats and that T-Pain pulled out last minute, leaving them to find a last minute replacement.

T-Pain was reportedly given a $75,000 advance, which Chase Entertainment officials have offered to return to Hits and James, but that's not enough. They're now suing the singer for $5 million dollars.

Chase Entertainment's David Abram says, "We feel horrible about not being able to play the concert. We are going to do what needs to be done to make this right with the promoters. They're a good company. We're a good company.''

So basically it comes down to he said-he said. Who will win? We'll keep you guys updated on the lawsuit as soon as we learn more details!