T-Pain Swears Off Auto Tune

June 2, 2011 By:
T-Pain Swears Off Auto Tune

T-Pain declares, “I’m done with Auto-Tune.” What!? T-Pain is responsible for making auto-tune a national obsession. Before T-Pain, auto-tune was just that thing that turned Britney Spears’s voice into something that sounded like singing.

After T-Pain, auto-tune was the single most hilarious thing to happen to pop music.

The “Buy U a Drank” star even has an iPhone app named after him, “I am T-Pain.” The app makes your voice sound like T-Pain’s, well, it makes your voice sound like it’s been way auto-tuned.

Other artists have also claimed to swear off auto-tune. In 2009, rapper Jay-Z released the song “D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune),” however this song was a not-to-subtle jab at pop artists who overused auto-tune.

T-Pain released the statement, “I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again. I’m onto something that I think is bigger and better called The T-Pain Effect.”

The T-Pain Effect, that’s that thing where all singers remove their own voices from their songs and completely replace it with T-pains voice. I kid.

The actual T-Pain effect is the result of a partnership between T-Pain and audio technology company, iZotope, to bring consumers a “new vocal processing possibility.”

“iZotope is working directly with T-Pain to evolve his sound through iZotope’s award-winning technology.”

I’m assuming that the T-Pain Effect will be a better version of Auto-tune. Whatever, if it makes all songs sound like “I’m On a Boat,” then I’m okay with it.