Former Miss USA Tara Conner Working on an Album

April 13, 2009 By:
Former Miss USA Tara Conner Working on an Album

This doesn’t surprise us a bit. Former Miss USA Tara Conner has found a way to jump back into the spotlight. She’s apparently working on an album. And it’s country music! So she take Jessica Simpson’s spot!

Tara just updated her fans via her Myspace blog, telling them she’s been hard at work for the past four months. She says:

"Both of my shows have come to an end so once again i am a has-been….hahaha j/k but i've been working for the past 4 months on a country album and it coming together beautifully!!!!! I LUH IT!!! seriously it's my therapy!!!! my song-writing partner Mark Renk and i have been writing away with some other very esteemable songwriters and we've written about 15 songs so far and we just keep on truckin'……i feel so lucky!

i used to sing all of the time back in the day but never felt confident enough in myself to reach for my ultimate goal!! i used to watch jason, adam, pat, stuart, luke, mikey, chapman…..even mike and star foley and just envied them so much!!! my dad and brother would play bass and drums and all i could ever do was sing…..until gone country i had never been put in the position to write…and when i did i knew thats where i belonged!!!

i've been recording a lot lately and at the end of april im heading to Nashville to shop record labels…im taking 5 or 6 of my tracks and im praying that they love it as much as everyone else does so far! i'll keep you posted on how it goes im just trying so hard to pay my dues before walking into it!!! if there was any type of success that would make me feel like "i have arrived" this will be it!!! please keep me in your prayers!!!! im tired of RC being overlooked!!! im on a mission from GOD!!! hahaaha"

Why is it that everyone always thinks they can just jump into country music and become famous. The only person that really worked for was Carrie Underwood, and she happens to be really talented. We don’t need another wanna-be country girl. Jessica was enough for one year!