Taylor Momsen On Her Chaotic Music Video

March 19, 2012 By:
Taylor Momsen On Her Chaotic Music Video

Taylor Momsen used to play little Jenny Humphries on “Gossip Girl” but quit the show to pursue her music career. She’s the lead singer of her band “The Pretty Reckless” but she tends to make headlines more for her black-out eyeliner and her edgy music videos.

Her new video for “My Medicine” sees the singer super intoxicated at one of those rockstar parties you only see in videos, but some find this behavior shocking because she’s only 18.

Momsem told us at the launch of Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn collection that she doesn’t get what’s the big deal with the video.

“I was going for honesty,” she tells Stereotude, “but you know, I’m sure everyone has their opinions.”

While most of us will never get invited to parties like the one in the video, Momsen simply reveals, “It’s kinda like a, it’s a vignet of a piece of life, of a sect of life.”

She adds that the life of a musician is “chaotic, chaotic and long long nights.”

I’m guessing her music career is not at all like the set of “Gossip Girl” which was probably just designer heels and martini glasses all the time.

Momsen is known for her edgy attitude, and when asked what she thought her motto for life is she responded, “F-ck it. I don’t know.”

She’s currently on tour with her band but will appear on Marilyn Monroe’s tour for a month.

“We’re on the headline tour which is called ‘The Medicine Tour,’ and then we jump on with Manson for a month after that and we just released an E.P. called ‘Hit me like a man’ and then right after Manson, we’re going right back in the studio to record the second record”