Taylor Swift Brings Country to Latest Parisian Video

October 24, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift Brings Country to Latest Parisian Video

Taylor Swift is looking all kinds of An American in Paris in her latest music video.

The country-pop singer-songwriter reaffirms everyone’s fantasy of jotting thoughtful notes into a Moleskine in the corner of a French café all day and walking down quaint Parisian streets with a sweet dude you just have an instant connection with (like, always-finding-a-way-to-touch-fingertips-with, he-can-actually-convince-me-to-try-escargot-in-France instant connection) in “Begin Again.”

Calling it a “love letter to Paris” to MTV News, Taylor thinks everyone can relate to no matter the city. “I think we’ve all had that day where we just decide to wander around and think about things.”

The 22-year-old, hot off her Red album release this week, has already come under some minor fan fire for going straight-up pop with many of her singles. But “Begin Again” should cool down and fan off those flame for the time being—a bittersweet ballad that shows that when Taylor sang “we are never, ever, ever, getting back together” she wasn’t referring to her country roots.

The video follows a wistful Swift strolling the streets of Paris, keeping to herself post-Jake Gyllenhaal break-up, until a handsome clean-cut guy who could easily fit in at a Kennedy wedding approaches her “on a Wednesday in a café” and we watch it all begin again here: