A Lot of People Hate Taylor Swift's New Video

August 19, 2014 By:
A Lot of People Hate Taylor Swift's New Video

Taylor Swift's much-hyped Yahoo live stream happened yesterday. She dropped a bunch of surprises for her fans, including a brand new song "Shake It Off", a music video for the song, and the announcement of a new pop album called 1989.

Yes, Taylor has gone full pop. No more of that country music thats made her the most successful albums artist of the last five years. 

And the music video for "Shake It Off?" Many have been calling it offensive and racist for using black dancers in the twerk scenes, and all white dancers in the ballet scenes.

A lot of people disagree with the video and kind of hate the song:

Even rapper Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter to hash out his thoughts:

Geeeeez. What are your thoughts on Taylor's new video? Hate it? Love it? Let us know in the comments section.