Taylor Swift Adds Second Leg to her Fearless Tour

October 8, 2009 By:
Taylor Swift Adds Second Leg to her Fearless Tour

Taylor Swift has become so unbelievably popular, that she’s decided to add more dates to her Fearless Tour. In fact, she’s tacking on a whole second leg to her tour, which will include dates all over the country, Canada, and Australia.

Taylor said in a statement, “We had so much fun on the Fearless tour the first time around that we decided that we had to keep going with it. So we will be relaunching the Fearless tour in February in Australia, and then coming back and doing a bunch more cities in America.”

The 2010 tour opens February 4th in Brisbane. She’ll do five shows in Australia, and then come back to play 30 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Kellie Pickler and Gloriana will return as the opening acts.

All 52 concerts on the 2009 tour sold out in minutes, including New York’s Madison Square Garden. Swift said she hopes the second go-round will be as successful.

“I always expected to have to do a lot of stressing out about selling tickets. And then I went on my first headlining tour, and everything just sold out. I’ve never expected that kind of success. I’ve never just felt entitled to my shows selling out or things like this happening to me, but the fact that they’ve happened to me has been wonderful.”

She’s definitely the “it” girl in music right now! Keep it up, Taylor!