Taylor Swift Announces Tour Dates

January 30, 2009 By:
Taylor Swift Announces Tour Dates

Taylor Swift fans, listen up! Your girl is coming to a city near you this spring! Taylor just announced her stops on her upcoming tour this morning. It seems like she’s hitting a different place every single day.

It’s aptly named the Fearless Tour, after her latest album, and frankly the turn her career has taken in the past few months! To add to the excitement, Kellie Pickler will be joining Taylor on the road as her opening act. Taylor and Kellie are actually good friends and writing partners.

Taylor said in a statement this morning, "Headlining my own tour is a dream come true. This way, I can play more music every night than I ever have before. Having written my own songs, they are all stories in my head, and my goal for this tour is to bring those stories to life. My favorite thing when I go to a concert is having lots of changing things to look at, so I've been working really hard to make this show as multi-dimensional as possible. I want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to come see my show, so we have affordable tickets available for every date we do this year."

The Fearless Tour 2009 will hit 52 cities in 38 states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada over the span of 6 months. Check out the tour dates below!

February 10: San Antonio, TX

March 1: Plant City, FL

March 20: Houston, TX

April 23: Evansville, IN

April 24: Jonesboro, AR

April 25: St Louis, MO

April 30: Charleston, SC

May 1: Jacksonville, FL

May 2: Biloxi, MS

May 14: Spokane, WA

May 15: Seattle, WA

May 16: Portland ,OR

May 17: Yakima, WA

May 21: Phoenix, AZ

May 22: Los Angeles, CA

May 23: Las Vegas, NV

May 24: San Diego, CA

May 26: Salt Lake City, UT

June 4: Enterprise, AL

June 11: Baltimore, MD

June 12: Greensboro, NC

June 24: Oshkosh, WI

June 25: Caddott, WI

July 8: Calgary, Alberta

July 10: Craven, Saskatchewan

July 11: Winnipeg, Manitoba

July 16: Twin Lakes, WI

July 17: Columbus, OH

July 18: Charleston, WV

July 23: Cheyenne, WY

July 24: Rapid City, SD

July 25: Minot, ND

August 7: Detroit Lakes, MN

August 9: Omaha, NE

August 27: New York, NY

August 28: Uncasville, CT

August 29: University Park, PA

August 30: Louisville, KY

September 4: Greenville, SC

September 5: Charlotte, NC

September 10: Lafayette, LA

September 11: Bossier City, LA

September 12: Birmingham, AL

September 25: Dallas, TX

September 26: Little Rock, AR

September 27: Tulsa, OK

October 1: Cleveland, OH

October 2: Grand Rapids, MI

October 3: Pittsburgh, PA

October 8: Indianapolis, IN

October 9: Chicago, IL

October 10: Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN