Taylor Swift Attempts to Beatbox With LL Cool J in Grammy Promo

February 2, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift Attempts to Beatbox With LL Cool J in Grammy Promo

God bless Taylor Swift, she may be awful at beat-boxing but she tries her damn hardest and the result is very entertaining.

Remember when Taylor Swift rapped with T-Pain for the CMT awards? It was very cool and very good. Well, this is not that, but you can’t not like Taylor Swift, right?

Swift and LL Cool J team up for a promo video for the Grammys where LL Cool J starts freestyle beatboxing about the upcoming 54th Annual Grammys and T-Swift takes that as her cue to start beatboxing also. Well, not so much beatboxing but rather making bleep bloop sounds. Oh well, it was adorable.

Then T-Swift and LL Cool J erupt into laughter and it’s pretty hysterical seeing them totally not self-conscious. LL Cool J yells from off screen, “I love it!” as Taylor practically doubles over in laughter.

LL Cool J is hosting this years Grammy Awards show after several years of acting as executive producer and host of the Grammy Nominations show. Taylor Swift will also be one of the performers that night, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that her performances wont include any beatboxing.

The Grammys will air live on Sunday February 12 from the Staples Center on CBS at 8pm.