Taylor Swift Debuts Fearless Music Video

February 18, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift Debuts Fearless Music Video

The music video for Taylor Swift's song "Fearless" has jsut debuted! The video portrays the songstress performing for sold-out crowds, and her adorable interaction with her fans.

Taylor wrote on her label's website: “When I wrote ‘Fearless,’ I wasn’t dating anyone. I wasn’t even in the beginning stages of dating anybody. I really was all by myself out on tour and I got this idea for a song about the best first date.”

“I think sometimes when you’re writing love songs, you don’t write them about what you’re going through at the moment, you write about what you wish you had. So, this song is about the best first date I haven’t had yet.”

Guess Joe Jonas can stop wondering! The video is cute! Check it out below!