Taylor Swift Helps Lucky Fan Pay Off Student Loan

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Taylor Swift Helps Lucky Fan Pay Off Student Loan
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Christmas isn't over for Taylor Swift fans.

Remember last Christmas when Santa, oops, we mean Taylor Swift, sent a few lucky fans some amazing gifts that she picked up from her ventures around the world?

Take for example, Hailey:


Screaming, crying perfect storm, this was my face when Taylor hve me incredible things.

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Well, for Swifties, Christmas is year-round, thanks to momma Taylor.

Taylor sent one really, really lucky Tumblr fan a check for $1,989 (ha, get it?) to go towards her student loan payments. 


This is how it all went down:

Taylor left an emoji comment on one of Rebekah's photos.


Then a SwiftEx package came delivered straight to Rebekah's doorstep, courtesy of Taylor's personal bodyguard.


Rebekah opened the box and found a personally written letter from Taylor


a custom painting


a Polaroid of Taylor painting the piece


one of Taylor's old necklaces


and a CHECK FOR $1,989.



Here's Rebekah opening her gift:



Ladies and gentlemen, it's looking like a good time to be a Taylor Swift fan.