Taylor Swift "Safe and Sound" Music Video

February 14, 2012 By:
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a folk singer now, you guys. Taylor Swift just debuted her first music video for the first time in a long time and it’s surprisingly un-Swifty. There is no mention of having a crush on anyone. There’s no talk of a fantasy wedding. She’s no longer singing verbatim her diary entries and what I’m trying to get at is that Taylor Swift’s new song and video is amazing!

It could be that she was assisted on the track by folk rock duo The Civil Wars, either way, I’m obsessed with this song. It’s called “Safe & Sound” and was written for the upcoming movie “The Hunger Games.”

Taylor is moving from a pop country star to some kind of indie folk artist. Those bangs, those flowy white peasant dresses, that banjo sound? It’s only a matter of time before she’s added to the Coachella line-up.

The video and song is a much more somber and dark than the average T-Swift video. Also, it appears that Taylor went to songwriting academy or something because this new song is so unrecognizable from say, “Back To December” which boasts simple lyrics like “How’s life?/Tell me, how’s your family?/ I haven’t seen them in a while.”

Her new song “Safe and Sound” features lyrics like, “Don’t you dare look out your window darling/Everything’s on fire/The War outside our door keeps raging on/Hold onto this lullaby.”

Woa, Taylor Swift just discovered metaphor for the first time ever.

The video was directed by Philip Andelman and part of it was shot at a gravesite. Woo, spooky. Also, there is no “love interest” which is like a first for Taylor Swift.