Taylor Swift Sets Date for Next Album

July 21, 2010 By:
Taylor Swift Sets Date for Next Album

Great news, Taylor Swift fans! She just announced that she’ll be releasing her next album Speak Now on October 25th of this year!

Swift chatted with fans via the web this week to tell them all about the upcoming record.

The first single and video is called "Mine," a song Taylor says is about "my tendency to run from love," she said during the chat.

She shot the video in Maine and told viewers that she'd like to retire there. She also said she wrote all of the songs by herself.

She told fans, “For me, I write everything that I live, so you've got to give yourself a little bit of time to live a lot of things so you can write about a lot of things. My only option is to write about what I've been through and what I've lived. Thankfully, in the past two years, I've experienced a lot of things I've been dying to write about and a lot of things I wanted to say, in the moment, that I didn't. You know, in life, you have a lot of situations that pop up, and people that come into your life. Sometimes you don't get to tell them what you wish you'd told them. This album is my opportunity to do that. Track by track, each song is a different confession to a different person.”

Talking about “Mine,” Swift said, “It's a song that is about ... my tendency to run from love. It's been sort of a recent tendency. I think it's because that, for me, every really direct example of love that I've had in front of me has ended in goodbye, has ended in breakups. I think I've developed this pattern of sort of running away when it comes time to fall in love and to stay in a relationship. The song is sort of about finding the exception to that and finding someone who would make you believe in love and realize that it could work out. I'm never, ever going to go past hoping that love can work out. I'm always going to be very hopeful and blindly optimistic when it comes to love.”

More than 45,000 people tuned in for the web chat. She’s that popular!