Taylor Swift Treating Tour Crew to Luxury Vacation

August 11, 2011 By:
Taylor Swift Treating Tour Crew to Luxury Vacation

Taylor Swift spends so much time with her crew while on tour, they’ve pretty much become a big family at this point. Being the sweetheart that she is, she wants to make sure everyone feels appreciated, so she’s going to treat them all to a luxury vacation after they wrap up the tour.

Speaking on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM, she said: "We usually take everyone on a vacation, like everybody, every single person on the tour, band, dancers, crew.

"We usually pick somewhere beautiful and tropical ... we haven’t started planning it yet because the tour is only halfway done, we do that, it’s really wonderful to take everyone on a trip."

How great is that?! She’s like a mini Oprah treating everyone to an awesome vacation.

When asked why she’s so generous with the crew she confessed it’s because she relies on them to help her backstage for her "crazy" costume changes, which often take place in less than 30 seconds in between songs.

She explained: "I have three people that help me change clothes, I have to change clothes in under 30 seconds every single time.

"It’s crazy because I’m usually going from a little dress to two dresses stacked on top of each other with a ball gown on top, different shoes changes, so there’s somebody taking off my shoes the same time somebody is putting a dress over my head, the same time somebody is changing my hair."

While on tour in different cities, she’s been paying tribute to one big artist from each city. She was just in Detroit and randomly started singing “Lose Yourself” in honor of Eminem.

“It is really cool the way Taylor Swift is paying respect to the cities artist that she is playing at during her "Speak Now" tour. I can see T-Swift performing anything, she is the total package when it comes to a musician," Cincinnati fan Rae S. Taylor tweeted.

Her ‘Speak Now’ tour is getting rave reviews and thousands of fans tweet about how great she is in concert. I saw Taylor in concert last year and it turned me into a Taylor Swift fan for life. She walked through the crowd while singing and gives fans hugs. How amazing is that?!

Taylor’s ‘Speak Now’ tour is doing so great with ticket sales, it’s accounted for 6.3 percent of all concert tickets sold via TicketsNow in July, bumping Sir Paul McCartney’s ‘On the Run’ tour to the number two earning spot.

Rounding out July’s top five sellers are Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour, Lil Wayne’s I Am Still Music tour and U2′s 360 tour, which wrapped its two-year marathon run on July 30 in Canada.