Taylor Swift's Inspiration For Love Story Music Video

September 15, 2008 By:
Taylor Swift's Inspiration For Love Story Music Video

Last week Taylor Swift released her latest music video for her song Love Story. Hollyscoop spoke to Taylor at the Another Cinderella Story movie premiere to find out where she got her inspiration for the video from.

“I love the theme of a fairytale and the hope that it could happen and I think every girl has a little bit of that hope that you can meet Prince charming and he can sweep you off your feet,” Swift told Hollyscoop.

She added, “Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite stories…except for the ending. And in the song I made the ending in how I would have wanted it.”

So what is the theme of the music video? “The music video is about a love that’s difficult and there are a lot of obstacles but it’s worth it because it’s real,” said Swift.

You can watch the music video
here, but in the mean time check out Taylor at the premiere below...