T.I. Confirms B.o.B and Taylor Swift Collaboration

March 16, 2012 By:
T.I. Confirms B.o.B and Taylor Swift Collaboration

As strange a pairing this might be, T.I. just confirmed that B.o.B is indeed doing a collaboration track with Taylor Swift. I guess we should start calling her by her “rap name” then…T-Swizzle it is.

During an interview with Fuse, B.o.B stayed mum on the subject of Taylor Swift, saying, “I can neither confirm nor deny such allegations.”

Well, T.I. had no problem confirming it. Since T.I. is the head of Grand Hustle and B.o.B is one of the Grand Hustle rappers, T.I. confirms, “I can. I heard it,” he then joked, “Taylor's extended Hustle Gang. She a part of the crew. She just ain't got her dog tags yet.”

I wonder if Taylor will be rapping or singing on the track? We all know she can bust a decent lady-rap as was evidenced by her work in “Thug Story” with T-Pain.

I was wondering how Taylor Swift, T.I. and B.o.B even become friends.

B.o.B explains, “She came to Atlanta and she hit up Grand Hustle,” he said, “I wasn't there. Tip was there and I eventually linked with her in Dallas and the rest is history.”

So that's how rap-country collaborations are made? You “hit up” Grand Hustle and then “link” with a rapper in Dallas and apparently the “rest is history?”

So now Taylor is an unofficial member of the Hustle Gang, but T.I. says he's also acquired real rappers Chip and Iggy Azalea, whom Tip says, “she's probably one of the dopest female rappers to come around in a long time,” he says of Azalea, “I think she gon' break ground and make history.”

Anyways, to hear T-Swift on the B.o.B track, the album “Strange Clouds” will drop on May 1.